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Post  _joejoe_ on Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:25 pm

These sprites ARE good enough... right?

[W]=Work in progress
[N]=Knows what it will be
[P]=Having Problems
[ ]=Not Started


1.[F]Idle Waddle dee Waddledeeidle2
2.[F]Walk Waddle dee Deewalk
3.[F]Run/dash Waddle dee Waddledeerun
4.[F]Jump Waddle dee Waddledeejump
4.5 [F] 2nd Jump Waddle dee Waddledeejump2
5.[F]Fall Waddle dee Waddledeefall
6.[F]Land Waddle dee Waddledeelandmo7
7.[F]Damage Waddle dee Waddledeehit
8.[S]Knock Back Waddle dee WaddledeekosideWaddle dee WaddledeekoupWaddle dee Waddledeekospike
9.[F]Get Up Waddle dee Waddledeegetupqz5
10.[S ]Dead Waddle dee Waddledeedead
11.[F]Hang Waddle dee Waddledeehang
12.[F]Crouch Waddle dee Waddledeecrouch
13.[F]Taunt Waddle dee Waddledeetaunt2
14.[F]Win Waddle dee Deewinnerp1Waddle dee Deewinnerp2
15.[F]Lose Waddle dee WdloseWaddle dee Wdlosecon
16.[F]Entrance Waddle dee Wdintro2


17.{[F]Neutral Waddle dee Waddlecombo
19.[F]Up Smash Waddle dee Waddledeeupsmash
20.[F]Down Smash Waddle dee Waddledeesidesmash
21.[F]Foward Smash Waddle dee Waddledeesidetilt
22.[F]Dash Attack Waddle dee Waddledeedashattack


23.[F]Neutral Special Waddle dee WaddledeespearthrowWaddle dee Waddledeespear
24.[F]Up Special Waddle dee WaddledeeupbstartWaddle dee WaddledeefowardairWaddle dee WaddledeeupbthrowWaddle dee WaddledeeupbammoWaddle dee Waddledeeupbammohit
25.[F]Down Special Waddle dee WaddledeecannonWaddle dee ShotzoWaddle dee Waddledeecannonball
26.[F]Foward Special Waddle dee WaddledeesidebWaddle dee WaddledeeskidWaddle dee Waddledeesidebhit


27.[F]Neutral Aireal Waddle dee Waddledeeupair
28.[F]Foward Aireal Waddle dee Waddledeesideariel
29.[F]Back Aireal Waddle dee Waddledeebackair
30.[F]Up Aireal Waddle dee Waddledeeupb
31.[F]Down Aireal Waddle dee Waddledeeairdown

32.[F]Nuetral grabWaddle dee Waddledeenuetralgrabbq8
33.[S]Forward throw Waddle dee Waddledeeforwardthrowag7
34.[S]Downward throw Waddle dee Waddledeedownthrownq5
35.[S]Upward throw Waddle dee Wduptoss
36.[S]Back throw


38.[ ] Roll
39.[F]Stock Icon Waddle dee WdstockWaddle dee Wdostock
40.[ ]Series icon
41.[ ]Kirby Attack
42.[ ]Kirby Final Smash Attack (final forms only)
43.[F]Selection Waddle dee Waddledeeselect-1
44.[F]preview Waddle dee Wdprev
45.[F]Respawn Platform Waddle dee WdrespawnWaddle dee Wdrespawnbye


2.[F]Walk Waddle dee Walk10
3.[F]Run/dash Waddle dee Run10
6.[ ]Land
8.[S]Knock Back
9.[ ]Get Up
14.[ ]Win
15.[ ]Lose


17.[F]Neutral Waddle dee Waddledoostandard
19.[S]Up Smash
20.[S]Down Smash
21.[S]Foward Smash
22.[S]Dash Attack


23.[S]Neutral Special
24.[S]Up Special
25.[F]Down Special Waddle dee WaddledoodownBChargingWaddle dee WaddledoodownBunCharged
26.[F]Foward Special Waddle dee Waddledoosidespecial


27.[F]Neutral Aireal Waddle dee YAYAGAIN
28.[S]Foward Aireal
29.[S]Back Aireal
30.[S]Up Aireal
31.[S]Down Aireal

32.[W]Nuetral grab
33.[W]Forward throw
34.[W]Downward throw
35.[W]Upward throw
36.[W]Back throw

Neutral special:

Waddle dee simpley chucks a spear. Nothing big. It is a refrance to Kirby's Canvas Curse where you would some times be attack by waddle dees who, well, chuck spears.

Side Special:
Dee begins to run, it is very much like Yoshi's egg roll, but different in the following ways:

1. Waddle dee can jump and still use this move.
2. When he hits someone Waddle dee stops. (Like Jiggly's rollout.)
3. The longer Wadddle dee's panic lasts, the more damage and knock back this move will do when he manages to hit his foe.
4. Waddle dee cannot stop until he makes contact with something.

Up Special:
Brunto Burt:
Waddle Dee take out a Brunto burt out of nowhere and begins to fly vertically up. This does small, repeatative damage. When Waddle dee reaches his peak hight he will throw the brunto Burt straight forward. Brunto burt could do about 10% damage if he makes contact with some one. This makes a referance to Kirby's crystal shards, where Kirby also had the option to take an enemy that he had just sucked in and hold it above his head. If that enemy is a brunto burt then it would Fly Kirby diagonally up. Kirby could also throw the enemy he was holding.

Down Special:
Waddle dee places a Shotzo on the ground. He can only place 2 on a stage. The Shotzos will shoot randomly. The cannon balls only do a little damage on their own. Waddle dee can also take them away. Maybe some times you could get Shotzos that malfunction and will then hit Waddle dee to?

Waddle Doo:

Neutral Special:
Beam Whip:
Not much, the only thing I can point out is that it does repeatative damage.

Side Special:
Beam net:
Kinda Like Beam whip, only it can reflect projectiles too?

Down Special:
Beam Blast:
Waddle Doo's Most Powerful attack. Doo charges it up. The longer you charge, the stronger the projectile is.

Up Special:
Beam Ball:
Waddle Doo jumps into the air, points diagonally down, and rapidly shoots these little beam ball thingies.

Special notes:
Both Dee and Doo can Glide some what (Or atleast be able to slow their falls.) with their umbrellas. Waddle Dee's Final form pays referance to Kirby's Crystal Shards.

Classic Trophy:
Waddle dee Wdcltroph

Adventure Trophy:
Waddle dee Wdadtroph

All Star Trophy:
Waddle dee Wdgoltro

Final Smash Trophy:
Waddle dee Wdastroph

Sonik (Waddle doo and Waddle dee glide)
Mysterious one

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Waddle dee Empty Re: Waddle dee

Post  Kirbyfan42 on Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:58 pm

I think that you should think about reanimating him, some of these animations aren't so good.


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