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Post  Cristian Cisternas on Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:58 am

[W]=Work in progress
=Knows what it will be
[P]=Having Problems
[ ]=Not Started


1.[Crash bandicoot Crash_idle]Idle
2.[Crash bandicoot Crash_run]Walk
3.[Crash bandicoot Crash_run_right]Run/dash
4.[Crash bandicoot Crash_jump]Jump
[Crash bandicoot Crash_doublejump]Double Jump
5.[Crash bandicoot Crash_fall]Fall
6.[Crash bandicoot Crash_land-1]Land
7.[Crash bandicoot Crash_damage]Damage
8.[Crash bandicoot Crash_knockback-1]Knock Back
9.[Crash bandicoot Crash_getup]Get Up
10.[Crash bandicoot Crash_dead]Dead
11.[Crash bandicoot Crash_hang]Hang
12.[Crash bandicoot Crash_crouch]Crouch
13.[Crash bandicoot Crash_taunt]Taunt
14.[Crash bandicoot Crash_win-1]Win
15.[Crash bandicoot Crash_lose]Lose
16.[Crash bandicoot Crash_entrance]Entrance


17.[Crash bandicoot Crash_Neutral] Neutral
18.[Crash bandicoot Crash_ComboSmash]Combo
19.[Crash bandicoot Crash_upsmash]Up Smash
20.[Crash bandicoot Crash_DownSmash]Down Smash
21.[Crash bandicoot Crash_FowardSmash]Foward Smash
22.[Crash bandicoot Crash_dash]Dash Attack


23.[Crash bandicoot Crash_NeutralspecialCrash bandicoot Crash_NeutralspecialwumpaCrash bandicoot Crash_wumpaexplosion]Neutral Special
24.[Crash bandicoot Crash_upspecial]Up Special
25.[Crash bandicoot Crash_DownSpecial]Down Special
26.[Crash bandicoot Crash_forwardspecial]Foward Special


27.[Crash bandicoot Crash_neutralaireal]Neutral Aireal
28.[Crash bandicoot Crash_forwardaireal]Foward Aireal
29.[Crash bandicoot Crash_backaireal]Back Aireal
30.[Crash bandicoot Crash_upaireal]Up Aireal
31.[Crash bandicoot Crash_downairealCrash bandicoot Crash_downairealgetup]Down Aireal

32.[Crash bandicoot Crash_grab]Nuetral grab
[Crash bandicoot GrabAttack]Grab Attack
33.[Crash bandicoot Forwardtrow]Forward throw
34.Crash bandicoot Crash_jumpCrash bandicoot Crash_downairealCrash bandicoot Crash_downairealgetup]Downward throw
35.[Crash bandicoot Crash_Upwardthrow]Upward throw
36.[Crash bandicoot Backtrow]Back throw

37.[Crash bandicoot Crash_finalsmash
IddleCrash bandicoot Crash_idle
Run/WalkCrash bandicoot Crash_run-walk
Jump/Doublejump/Land/FallCrash bandicoot Crash_jumpCrash bandicoot Crash_doublejumpCrash bandicoot Crash_landCrash bandicoot Crash_fall
CrouchCrash bandicoot Crash_crouch]FINAL SMASH
38.[Crash bandicoot Roll] Roll
39.[Crash bandicoot Crash_stock]Stock Icon
40.[Crash bandicoot Crash_icon]Series icon
41.[Crash bandicoot KirbyCrash]Kirby Attack
42.[Crash bandicoot Crash_kirbyfinalsmash]Kirby Final Smash Attack (On having absorbed it Kirby receives something of damage)
43.[Crash bandicoot Crash_selection]Selection
44.[Crash bandicoot CrashBandicoot_Preview]preview
45.[ ]trophies
-Classic [Crash bandicoot Crash_trophy_classic]
-Adventure [Crash bandicoot Crash_trophy_adventure]
-All Star [Crash bandicoot Crash_trophy_allstar]
-Final Smash [Crash bandicoot Crash_trophy_finalsmash]
46.[Crash bandicoot Crash_block]block
47.[Crash bandicoot Crash_reviveplataform Crash bandicoot Crash_revivebarrelbreak]revival platform
48.[Crash bandicoot Crash_lose]Final form lose
49.[Crash bandicoot Crash_win]Final form win
50.[Crash bandicoot Crash_itemswinging-trowing]item swinging (need fix)
51.[Crash bandicoot Crash_itemswinging-trowing]item throwing (need fix)

52.[Crash bandicoot Crash_uptilt]Up Tilt (need fix)
53.[Crash bandicoot Crash_downtilt]Down Tilt (need fix)

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