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Pac-Man Expansion Empty Pac-Man Expansion

Post  Cristian Cisternas on Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:02 pm

[W]=Work in progress
=Knows what it will be
[P]=Having Problems
[ ]=Not Started


1.[Pac-Man Expansion Iddle]Idle
2.[Pac-Man Expansion Idlela7]Walk
3.[Pac-Man Expansion Runchargedownspecialgu5]Run/dash
4.[Pac-Man Expansion Jump]Jump
5.[Pac-Man Expansion Fall]Fall
6.[Pac-Man Expansion Land]Land
7.[Pac-Man Expansion Damage]Damage
8.[Pac-Man Expansion KnockBack]Knock Back
9.[Pac-Man Expansion GetUp]Get Up
10.[Pac-Man Expansion Dead_]Dead
11.[Pac-Man Expansion Hangou0]Hang
12.[Pac-Man Expansion Crouch]Crouch
13.[Pac-Man Expansion Taunt]Taunt
14.[Pac-Man Expansion Tauntva6]Win
15.[Pac-Man Expansion Lose]Lose
16.[Pac-Man Expansion Entrance_]Entrance


17.[Pac-Man Expansion Punchingqm4]Neutral
18.[Pac-Man Expansion Comboom2]Combo
19.[Pac-Man Expansion UpSmash]Up Smash
20.[Pac-Man Expansion DownSmash_]Down Smash
21.[Pac-Man Expansion ForwardSmash]Foward Smash
22.[Pac-Man Expansion Dashandattackwg3]Dash Attack


23.[Pac-Man Expansion NeutralSpecial_]Neutral Special
24.[Pac-Man Expansion UpSpecial]Up Special
25.[Pac-Man Expansion Launchdownbje2]Down Special
26.[Pac-Man Expansion ForwardSpecial]Foward Special


27.[Pac-Man Expansion NeutralAireal]Neutral Aireal
28.[Pac-Man Expansion ForwardAireal]Foward Aireal
29.[Pac-Man Expansion BackAireal]Back Aireal
30.[Pac-Man Expansion UpAireal]Up Aireal
31.[Pac-Man Expansion Downattackzf2]Down Aireal

Grabs(Not necesary)
32.[ ]Nuetral grab
33.[ ]Forward throw
34.[ ]Downward throw
35.[ ]Upward throw
36.[ ]Back throw

37.[Pac-Man Expansion FinalSmashTransformacionPac-Man Expansion FinalSmashAttackPac-Man Expansion FinalSmashEndPac-Man Expansion FinalSmashMisc]FINAL SMASH
38.[ ] Roll
39.[Pac-Man Expansion StockIcon]Stock Icon
40.[Pac-Man Expansion Pacman16hd7]Series icon
41.[ ]Kirby Attack
42.[ ]Kirby Final Smash Attack (final forms only)
43.[Pac-Man Expansion Pac-Manselection]Selection
44.[Pac-Man Expansion Pacman]preview
45.[ ]trophies
-Classic [Pac-Man Expansion Classicpac-man]
-Adventure [Pac-Man Expansion Adventurepac-man]
-All Star [Pac-Man Expansion AllStarpac-man]
-Final Smash [Pac-Man Expansion FinalSmashPac-Man]
46.[ ]block
47.[ ]revival platform
48.[ ]Final form lose
49.[ ]Final form win

50.[ ]item swinging
51.[ ]item throwing

52.[ ]Up Tilt
53.[ ]Down Tilt

Pac-Man Expansion

Sprite started by GDK
Edits and more attacks by Cristian Cisternas
Series Icon by Fergy

Cristian Cisternas

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Pac-Man Expansion Empty Re: Pac-Man Expansion

Post  Mariomaster II on Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:33 pm

Nice! I remember this!
Mariomaster II
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