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RPs-What its about. Empty RPs-What its about.

Post  ConquestStreak on Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:27 pm

Alright. Obviously, Nobody cares about RPing right now, but I might as well post an introductory.

1: Introduction
RP stands for Role Playing. There's your first lesson. In an RP, you make decisions based upon your character, and what they would do. Many people tend to do this to pass the time. There are different kinds of Role-Playing that many people take part into, most notably an RP Fight, and a RPG, or Role Playing Game. RPs tend to be associated with conflicts, so many people, when creating a character, include weapons for their character to defend themselves, although it is possible to have a non-conflict affiliated RP.

2: The Character.
To play an RP, you must have a character to fit the RP. Some RPs have a character sheet for you to fill out, in the case that you do not miss a certain description required to play the RP. These are usually for RPGs. In other cases, such as fights, you must create a character by your own standards. Things to be placed in an RP character vary by person, but usual requirements include:
  • Name: Must be original. Nothing too hard to pronounce.
  • Age: People in various RP societies look down on the child prodigies, so ages over 14 or 18 years is a reasonable age.
  • Gender: Hey! Sometimes its hard to tell by the name!
  • Race: Not as in "White" or "Asian", but more of a type of creature, like Human, elf or tiger.
  • Appearance: Possibly the most crucial of all, this tells what your character looks like.
  • Weapons: Chances are, your character is going to need to defend their person. May be noted in appearance.
  • Personality: Sometimes not required, this tells of a character's emotional strengths and weaknesses.
  • Biography: Included in virtually everywhere, the bio tells the backstory of your character, and reinforces any abilities that your character can preform as proof.

Several additional rules apply for making a character. First of all, if your character happens to be a magic user for their entire life, chances are, he probably couldn't lift an Warhammer. Additionally, a character with immense power, and can make themselves invulnerable or can instantly kill is considered a godmodding. If your character has a godmod in it, then it should be balanced with a weakness, such as a rare success in the attack.

3: The RP.
In an RP, there are several rules to establish a balance in power. Although success in an RP may rely on a character, if also depends on your judgment and actions, along with the other players actions. However, there may come a time where you must say something not related to you characters action, like "You forgot to post" or "When can we do...". In those cases, you must separate your context with OOC (Out of Character) and IC (In Character) to avoid confusion between what you are saying, and what your character is doing. The best thing to perform before and during an RP is to take a look at the other players an their character profiles. It help to know what strengths and weaknesses that they have, so you can exploit them for other uses. For example, A powerful foe may crush supports in a building, so the building's ceiling crushes him. You probably shouldn't preform an Autohit either. An autohit is forcing something upon another character. You may say, "He slashed at blank", but you can't force a hit on them, like: "He slashed at blank, cutting blank's head off". Instead, you must rely on the owner of the character to conclude the action with a dodge or a hit. This brings me to my next point. In RPing, you can't be invincible, but you can't dodge every hit. Even if you were blessed with Sonic's speed their has to be a point where you get hit. In the case of these, take it like a man, and don't complain. Your character may complain, may wince, may go into a rage or die, but you should learn to learn from a "pain" experience and not make a similar mistake. Skimming a post is also not advised. Users have been known to make an enormously large post, only to take their opponent by surprise with an action they posted long time ago. Posting an action with only one line of text additionally looks really lame, and shows how unprofessional some people are.

4: Hosting RPs
If you are bored, you may try hosting your own RP. In the case of that, be sure to specify what time period, what things are required in a character, and to have a good storyline. Even if you are the host of an RP, it doesn't give you the privilege to direct another player's character to perform an action they don't what you to do unless there was an event that directed control towards you. Be sure that every detail in the RP is in, and don't be afraid to take some advice from other people.

5: Random Help
NEVER USE SMILIES WHILE IC. Trust me, it doesn't work right.
If you can't spell, use a word processor and check spelling and grammar. It looks more professional to see a nicely capitalized, fully understandable, large post, and may intimidate others.
Read over your work. Now, do it again. Repeat previous step.
Argue with the host of an RP, and you may, if not will, get kicked out.

I give my thanks to Belth from MG's 101 tips for new RPers.

On a side note, anybody, did I miss anything?

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RPs-What its about. Empty Re: RPs-What its about.

Post  The Black Glove on Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:42 pm

Only a few things (from a Serebii RPGer):

Role-Playing-Game (RPG) A game in which the participants assume the roles of fictional characters.
Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail
according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, players have the freedom to improvise;
their choices shape the direction and outcome of the game. -Wikipedia

It is advisable not to post/host images as well, since they can cause clutter, and often are substituted for a written description by lazy people.

When typing up a post, it is best if you have about 7 lines of text minimum (about 1 or 2 paragraphs).

When creating an RPG, you cannot and should not assume everyone knows everything about your world, so post information about important things. (IE. Devil Fruit in a One Piece RP, Zanpakto in a Bleach RP, Magic in a Harry Potter RPG, etc.) Also, don't just copy/paste info from Wikipedia or a Wiki. Using it as a source or including a link to it is fine, but the information must be your own words.

In addition, don't post a Wiki link in place of the information. Write it out yourself.

When writing a Signup, the Plot alone should be roughly 400 words minimum.

When a forum says RPGs, they are not referring to fan games/hacks.

RPGs with a numerical system (ie Dungeons and Dragons) are fine, but only if all the ways to play and rules are explained in the first post.

DO NOT PLAGERIZE! Using someone's material with permission is one thing, but you cannot copy/paste thier info and just swap a few words to make it yours. Don't even copy it and then give credit, because that's still not permission.

It's a good idea to mention a rating of your RPG. For example, if it involves some dark violence or excessive swearing, you may put it as a PG-13 rating. Ratings go like this:

G- Good for everyone. This probably isn't necesscary to mention.
PG- Parental Guidance. Again, this won't need to be mentioned.
PG-13- Parental Guidance for those under 13 Years of age. Used for younger RPGers to let them know the possible mature content.
R- Resticted. Excessive violence and Swearing, as well as... certain romantic practices.... may be involved.
NC-17- No Child under 17. Anyone under 17 should not be involved in this RPG.

A GM has the right to:
-Control Story-related events and NPCs.
-Expel a Player from thier RPG for misbehavior.
-Accept a signup that meets thier standards.
-Deny a Signup that fails to meet thier standards.
-Retain all rights and control over thier RPG.

A GM has the Responsibility to:
-Not favor certain players.
-Give reasons for why he is rejecting a Signup.
-Kick a player whom all the others agree are breaking rules consistently.
-Follow his own rules (you'd be suprised how many don't)

An RPGer has the Right to:
-Politely question the GM's choice of accepting thier signup.
-Signup for any RPG.
-Control certain NPCs (with GM permission).
-Post OOC when not talking in the RPG.
-Contact a moderator when they suspect GM favoritism.

An RPGer has the Responsibility to:
-Follow all rules set by the GM.
-Not post in OOC without including a reply to the RPG.
-Leave the RPG if the GM kicks them with good reason.
-Accept it when thier signup has not been accepted with good reason.
-Only ask questions of the GM that are related to the RPG.

RPG Lingo:

RPG(er)- Roleplaying Game(er)
RP(er)- Role Play(er)
GM- Game Master
SU- Sign Up
Gawd Modding- Making your character in an RP invincible or perfect.
Bunnying- Controlling an NPC that isn't yours to control, or someone else's character.
Gary Stu/Mary Sue- A bland character that is abolutely perfect in every way. Usually is very cliche`d
Power Playing- Not going to extremes such as perfection, but essentially making a character who never loses.
OOC- Out of Character
(B)IC- (Back) In Character
LSU- Late Sign Ups
NPC- Non-Player Character

A special thanks to RaZoR LeAf from Serebiiforums.com for inspiring the above additions.

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