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Lambo-san! Empty Lambo-san!

Post  <Na>Suliboy on Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:16 am

Lambo, the "stupid-cow" 5 year old hitman, from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
As his child self, he has an arsenal of explosives and...unorthodox attacks.
However, after using the 10-year-bazooka, is able to fight as his adult self, who has full control of Lightning.

Child Lambo___


1.[F]Idle Lambo-san! Idle10
2.[F]Walk Lambo-san! Walk11
3.[F]Run/Dash Lambo-san! Run10
4.[F]Jump Lambo-san! Jump10
5.[F]Fall Lambo-san! Fall10
6.[F]Land Lambo-san! Land10
7.[F]Damage Lambo-san! Damage10
8.[F]Knockback Lambo-san! Knockb11
9.[F]Dead Lambo-san! Dead10
10.[F]Get up Lambo-san! Get_up10
11.[F]Hang Lambo-san! Hang10
12.[F]Recover from Hang Lambo-san! Get_up11
13.[F]Crouch Lambo-san! Crouch10
14.[F]Guard Lambo-san! Block10
15.[F]Taunt Lambo-san! Taunt10
16.[F]Win Lambo-san! Win11
17.[F]Lose Lambo-san! Lose10
18.[F]Entrance Lambo-san! Entran10


19.[F]Neutral Lambo-san! Neutra10
20.[F]Combo Lambo-san! Combo10
21.[F]Up Smash Lambo-san! Up_sma10
Lambo-san! Up_sma11
22.[F]Side Smash Lambo-san! Forwar14
Lambo-san! Forwar15
23.[F]Down Smash Lambo-san! Down_s10
24.[F]Dash Attack Lambo-san! Dash_a10


25.[F]Neutral Special Lambo-san! Neutra11
Lambo-san! Neutra12
26.[F]Side Special
Lambo-san! Side_s10
Lambo-san! Side_s11
Lambo-san! Side_s12
Lambo-san! Side_s13
27.[F]Up Special Lambo-san! Up_spe10
28.[F]Down Special Lambo-san! Down_s12


29.[F]Neutral Aerial Lambo-san! Neutra13
30.[F]Up Aerial Lambo-san! Up_aer10
31.[F]Forward Aerial Lambo-san! Forwar16
32.[F]Back Aerial Lambo-san! Back_a10
33.[F]Down Aerial Lambo-san! Down_a10


34.[F]Grab Lambo-san! Neutra10
35.[F]Pummel Lambo-san! Pummel10
36.[F]Up Throw Lambo-san! Up_thr10
37.[F]Down Throw Lambo-san! Down_t10
38.[F]Forward Throw Lambo-san! Forwar17
39.[F]Back Throw Lambo-san! Back_t10


40.[F]Stock Lambo-san! Stock10
41.[F]Series Icon Lambo-san! Series12
42.[F]Selection Lambo-san! Select10
43.[F]Preview Lambo-san! Previe10
44.[F]Roll Lambo-san! Roll11
45.[F]Stunned Lambo-san! Stunne10
46.[F]Trophies Lambo-san! Trophi12
47.[F]Revival Platform Lambo-san! Reviva10
48.[F]Damage Meter Lambo-san! Damage13
49.[F]Final Smash
Lambo-san! Down_s12
Lambo-san! Final_10
Lambo-san! Fs_rea10
Lambo-san! Fs_hor10Lambo-san! Fs_hor11
Lambo-san! Fs_tur11Lambo-san! Fs_ver10


50.[F]Up Tilt Lambo-san! Up_til10
51.[F]Side Tilt Lambo-san! Side_t10
52.[F]Down Tilt
Lambo-san! Down_t11
*Surprise Lunch acts as a gambling counter. First he pulls out the lunchbox (which does minimal damage) then
an animation plays of him trying to open it. If he is attacked during this part or the lunchbox hits
when it is taken out, one of two things can happen. Either it opens and Lambo-san eats a yummy lunch from
Mama, and recovers 10% HP, OR, it is the wrong box and both Lambo-san and his attacker are damaged
from a massive nitroglicerin explosion!
-If food-
Lambo-san! Down_t12
-If Nitro Explosion-
Lambo-san! Nitro_10


53.[F]Main Theme ?nkwdnt42l2z
54.[F]Attacks and Sound Effects
55.[F]Win Theme

56.[F]Kirby Attack Lambo-san! Kirby_10


Adult Lambo___

1.[F]Idle Lambo-san! Adult_10
2.[F]Walk Lambo-san! Adult_11
3.[F]Run/Dash Lambo-san! Adult_12
4.[F]Jump Lambo-san! Adult_13
5.[F]Fall Lambo-san! Adult_14
6.[F]Land Lambo-san! Adult_15
7.[F]Damage Lambo-san! Adult_16
8.[F]Knockback Lambo-san! Adult_17
9.[F]Dead Lambo-san! Adult_18
10.[F]Get up Lambo-san! Adult_19
11.[F]Hang Lambo-san! Adult_20
12.[F]Recover from Hang Lambo-san! Adult_21
13.[F]Crouch Lambo-san! Adult_22
14.[F]Guard Lambo-san! Adult_23
15.[F]Taunt Lambo-san! Adult_24
16.[F]Win Lambo-san! Adult_27
17.[F]Lose Lambo-san! Adult_25
18.[F]Entrance Lambo-san! Adult_26


19.[F]Neutral Lambo-san! Adult_28
20.[F]Combo Lambo-san! Adult_29
21.[F]Up Smash Lambo-san! Adult_30
22.[F]Side Smash Lambo-san! Adult_31
23.[F]Down Smash Lambo-san! Adult_32
24.[F]Dash Attack Lambo-san! Adult_33


25.[F]Neutral Special
Lambo-san! Adult_40
26.[F]Side Special
Lambo-san! Adult_41
Lambo-san! Adult_42
Lambo-san! Adult_43
Lambo-san! Adult_44
27.[F]Up Special Lambo-san! Adult_45
28.[F]Down Special Lambo-san! Adult_46


29.[F]Neutral Aerial Lambo-san! Adult_47
30.[F]Up Aerial Lambo-san! Adult_49
31.[F]Forward Aerial Lambo-san! Adult_34
32.[F]Back Aerial Lambo-san! Adult_35
33.[F]Down Aerial Lambo-san! Adult_48


34.[F]Grab Lambo-san! Adult_53
35.[F]Pummel Lambo-san! Adult_28
36.[F]Up Throw Lambo-san! Adult_38
37.[F]Down Throw Lambo-san! Adult_18
38.[F]Forward Throw Lambo-san! Adult_36
39.[F]Back Throw Lambo-san! Adult_52


40.[F]Stock Lambo-san! Adult_10
41.[F]Series IconLambo-san! Series12
44.[F]Roll Lambo-san! Adult_50
45.[F]Stunned Lambo-san! Adult_37
47.[F]Revival Platform Lambo-san! Reviva11
48.[F]Damage Meter Lambo-san! Adult_11
49.[W]Final Smash
Lambo-san! Final_10
Lambo-san! Fs_rea10
Lambo-san! Fs_hor10Lambo-san! Fs_hor11
Lambo-san! Fs_tur11Lambo-san! Fs_ver10


50.[F]Up Tilt Lambo-san! Adult_38
51.[F]Side Tilt Lambo-san! Adult_39
52.[F]Down Tilt Lambo-san! Adult_51


53.[F]Main Theme ?kt2oczmtdkz
54.[F]Attacks and Sound Effect
55.[F]Win Theme

56.[F]Kirby Attack Lambo-san! Kirby_11

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