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Post  fmaf on Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:58 am

Xanxus fro katekyo hitman reborn,my firt char
i'm copying this system from wardek based in:
[=]=Know what it will be
[P]=Having Problems
[ ]=Not Started Yet
[I]=Ideas Needed
but this isn't agaisnt the rules,right?
sorry if the english is wrong,i'm brazilian

1.[F]Idle Xanxus reborn Idle16
2.[F]WalkXanxus reborn Walk14
3.[F]Run/DashXanxus reborn Dash11
4.[F]JumpXanxus reborn Jump11
5.[F]Double JumpXanxus reborn Double12
6.[F]FallXanxus reborn Fall14
7.LandXanxus reborn Land11
8.[F]DamageXanxus reborn Damage11
9.[F]KnockbackXanxus reborn Knockb11
Drop:Xanxus reborn Drop10
He´s dancing !it's funny isn't?But it's going to loop just one time,in the game.and he won't dance
10.[F]DeadXanxus reborn Dead10
11.[F]Get upXanxus reborn Getup10
12.[F]HangXanxus reborn Hang10
13.[F]Recover from HangXanxus reborn Recove11
14.[ ]Roll
15.[F]CrouchXanxus reborn Crouch10
16.[F]GuardXanxus reborn Block10
17.[F]TauntXanxus reborn Intro11
18.[F]WinXanxus reborn Laugh10
19.[ ]Lose
20.[F]EntranceXanxus reborn Intro11
21.[ ]Item Swinging
22.[ ]Item Throwing


23.[ ]Neutral
24.[ ]Combo
25.[ ]Up Smash
26.[ ]Side Smash
27.[ ]Down Smash
28.[ ]Dash Attack


29.[ ]Up Tilt
30.[ ]Side Tilt
31.[ ]Down Tilt


32.[ ]Standard Special
33.[ ]Side Special
34.[ ]Up Special
35.[ ]Down Special-Kick Flip


36.[ ]Neutral Aerial
37.[ ]Up Aerial
38.[ ]Forward Aerial
39.[ ]Back Aerial
40.[ ]Down Aerial


41.[ ]Grab
42.[ ]Pummel
43.[ ]Up Throw
44.[ ]Down Throw
45.[ ]Forward Throw
46.[ ]Back Throw


47.[F]StockXanxus reborn Stock10
48.[ ]Series Icon
49.[F]SelectionXanxus reborn Select10
50.[F]PreviewXanxus reborn Previe12
51.[ ]Trophies
-Final Smash
52.[ ]Kirby Attack
53.[ ]Revival Platform
54.[ ]Damage Meter
55.[ ]Final Smash


56.[ ]Main Theme
57.[ ]Attacks and Sound Effects
58.[F]Win Theme 2shared.com/audio/5d6iFIGN/Untitled.html

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