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Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Empty Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee)

Post  itsameSMB on Wed Nov 26, 2008 9:29 am

itsameSMB wrote:Alright, so I apologize for the delay (the scanner and internet stopped working when I got up), but here's that move description I promised. It's for his neutral special, the megavitamin. Since most of his moves are mostly based of the doctor aspect of Dr. Mario, I went all out on the Dr. Mario representation of this move, right down to the color of the pills making a difference. Anyway, here it is:

Neutral Special: Megavitamin
Dr. Mario quickly reachs behind himself and pulls out a pill bottle with great speed. WHile he is pulling out the pill, the next pill he will pull out will be shown in a thought bubble. He then yanks a pill out and then comes the chance for DI. If you hold back from this point on throughout the throw, Dr. Mario will lob the pill, resulting in slower movement, but a higher bounce. If you hold forward, Dr. Mario will sling the pill as hard as he can, resulting in higher speed, but less bounce. If you hold nothing after the pill is removed, Dr. Mario will throw the pill forward like one of Mario's fireball, but it will bounce a little differently than the fireballs. Now, that's just the animation aspect of the move. I plan on making it so that each character has a color weakness/affectivity based on their player number in relativity to Dr. Mario's.

If Dr. Mario is Player 1,
Player 2 is most affected by red pills, Player 3 is most affected by yellow pills, and Player 4 is most affected by blue pills.

If Dr. Mario is Player 2,
Player 1 is most affected by red pills, Player 3 is most affected by blue pills, and Player 4 is most affected by yellow pills.

If Dr. Mario is Player 3,
Player 1 is most affected by yellow pills, Player 2 is most affected by blue pills, and Player 4 is most affected by red pills.

If Dr. Mario is Player 4,
Player 1 is most affected by blue pills, Player 2 is most affected by yellow pills, and Player 3 is most affected by red pills.

There's also an effectiveness between colors:
Red on red: effective
Blue on red: somewhat effective
Yellow on red: not very effective
Red on blue: not very effective
Blue on blue: effective
Yellow on blue: somewhat effective
Red on yellow: somewhat effective
Blue on yellow: not very effective
Yellow on yellow: effective

This color weakness has effects on both the potentcy of the megavitamin and a little bonus I plan on putting in called "side effects." We'll talk about those later.

R="Red" player, Y="Yellow" player, B="blue player", r=red pill half, y=yellow pill half, and b=blue pill half

Initial pill strength for R
rr=10%, ry=6%, rb=8%, bb=6%, by=4%, yy=2%

Initial pill strength for Y
rr=6%, ry=8%, rb=4%, bb=2%, by=6%, yy=10%

Initial pill strength for B
rr=2%, ry=4%, rb=6%, bb=10%, by=8%, yy=6%

Now that's the basics of the color-based damage system. If you are a fast thinker and can survive long enough to pull it off, you can try to cause "side effects" for your opponents. To do so, you need to hit them with at least 10 half capsules worth of their most effective color without hitting them with a weak color (i.e. Hit "R" with just rr, rb, and bb pills, but not a single ry, by, or yy pill). If you can pull this off, the combo jingle from Dr. Mario plays and the affected player suffers from an ailment based on their color weakness.

R will suffer from a fever, which makes them take 1/4 the damage they give during the time of affliction.

Y will suffer from dimentia, which alters the controls in an erratic fashion for a shory amount of time, making the player almost impossible to control.

B will suffer from hypothermia, which disables running and makes it so moves can only be charged half-way.

However, there is a fourth side effect that occurs no matter what color pill the player is hit by. For every 15 pills they are hit with (30 half-pills, but Dr. Mario can only through full-size pills) without getting KO'd, they develop the side effect know as tolerance, which decreases the strength of the pill by 1% (i.e. R with a tolerance of 1 would only take 5% from a ry pill). This also decreases the healing capabilities of the vitamin for teammates.

Speaking of which, the healing power of the megavitamins works almost exactly like the offensive power, but no side effects (save for tolerance) are caused and damage is recoved rather than taken.

Paper for Megavitamins:
Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Scan0002wa5.th

Grab Attack: Hemilich Maneuver
Since Dr. Mario holds grabbed opponents in a Hemilich position, he does the Hemilich Maneuver as the attack (sort of like Snake's neck snap, only less badass) (also, no they don't puke, but it'd be funny if they did).

Forward Throw: Laser-Guided Launch
Dr. Mario flicks the opponent forward and pulls out a surgical laser. He points it at them and shoots. This stuns them for a moment and then launches them as if they were hit by a weak explosion. Similar to Falco's back(?) throw.

Down Throw: Chiropractic Tactic/Meteor Message
Dr. Mario throws the opponent onto the ground and begins rapidly kicking them. When he finishes this "massage", he kicks the opponent with both feet.

Up Throw: "Regular Exam" (lol)
Dr. Mario, err... actually, this one speaks for itself. If you know what it is, don't say it, but if you don't, don't ask. This sends them straight up and leaves them unresponsive to controller input for a longer period of time that they usually would.

Backwards Throw: Hammer Throw
It's basically Mario's back throw. What? You try and think of a better backwards throw for Dr. Mario!

Paper for Throws and Grab Attack:
Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Scan0005rp0.th

Also, I found the early sketches for the Super Sheet/Dr. Dash and the Medicopter:
Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Scan0003tz0.thDr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Scan0004ya3.th
Well, I've finally decided to post what I have for my Dr. Mario expansion. Before you say it, no, he will not be a Mario clone, but I will base his sheet off his SSF2 non-doctor counterpart. Later on when I add more animations, they may not make sense at first, but trust me: he'll be one expansion you can't be without. Anyway, here are the extremely few animation I have for him right now:


1.Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Drmarioidlemw2Idle
2.Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Drmariowalkpd0Walk
3.Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Drmariorunhe5Run/dash
4.Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Drmariofirstjumpdy9Jump
5.[ ]Fall
6.[ ]Land
7.[ ]Damage
8.[ ]Knock Back
9.[ ]Get Up
10.[ ]Dead
11.[ ]Hang
12.[ ]Crouch
13.Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Drmariotaunttimedrightrn9Taunt* ("Oops! That was not medicine!") (Doesn't make sense to you? Watch this.) Audio
14.[ ]Win
15.[ ]Lose
16.[ ]Entrance


17.[ ]Neutral (lol same as combo)
18.[ ]Combo (Check-Up Combo)
19.[ ]Up Smash (X-Ray Flash)
20.[ ]Down Smash (Daily Rounds)
21.[ ]Forward Smash (Defibrillator)
22.[ ]Dash Attack (Medical Breakthrough)


23.[ ]Neutral Special (Megavitamin toss)
24.[ ]Up Special (Medicopter)
25.[ ]Down Special (Booster Shot)
26.[ ]Forward Special (Super Sheet→Stretcher Sprint)


27.[ ]Neutral Aerial ("Sex Kick")
28.[ ]Forward Aerial (Acupressure Plunge)
29.[ ]Back Aerial (Clipboard)
30.[ ]Up Aerial (Scalpel Slash)
31.[ ]Down Aerial (Doctor Drill)

32.[ ]Neutral grab (Suture Sling)
33.[ ]Forward throw (Laser-Guided Launch)
34.[ ]Downward throw (Chiropractic Tactic)
35.[ ]Upward throw ("Regular Exam")
36.[ ]Back throw (Hammer Throw)

37.[ ]Forward Tilt (Blunt Trauma)
38.[ ]Down Tilt (Reflex Check)
39.[ ]Up Tilt (Uppercut (+Thermometer))


40.[ ]FINAL SMASH (Virus Outbreak)
41.[ ]Roll
42.[ ]Stock Icon
43.[ ]Series icon
44.[ ]Kirby Attack
45.[ ]Selection


46.[ ]preview
47.[ ]trophies
-Classic [ ]
-Adventure [ ]
-All Star [ ]
-Final Smash [ ]
48.[ ]block
49.Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Drmariorevivalplatformsd6revival platform
50.[ ]item swinging
51.[ ]item throwing

*=Updated in last update

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Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Empty Re: Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee)

Post  TerminX on Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:11 pm

Taunt audio is fail. Awesome/Wee

Funny, but bad audio.

...For the record, forum lacks :eew: smiley.

I didn't read the moveset, cuz i'm currently working on a Dr. Mario moveset myself, and i don't want to copy you.

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Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Empty Re: Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee)

Post  Kirbyfan42 on Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:05 pm

That's gonna be a lot of work. Now I understand why your work always getting pissed when people are telling you that you work too slow.


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Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee) Empty Re: Dr. Mario Expansion (Original, not Melee)

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