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It's Dorothy! The rose-haired witch, princess of Kaldea and younger sister of the Chess Piece Queen, Diana! She's a master at using ARM, and has a vast collection of all types of ARM. She's also a rare-ARM hunter, who searches for powerful ARM (such as Babbo) in order to defeat her older sister and take revenge for the attack on Kaldea. She has a crush on Ginta (who's younger than her) and follows him to the ends of MAR-heaven. One of the strongest members of Team MAR, she's a force to be reckoned with.

Progress: Just started! 8%
Working on: Sheet // dead / getup


1.[F]Idle Dorothy (MAR) Idle12
2.[F]Walk Dorothy (MAR) Walk13
3.[F]Run/Dash Dorothy (MAR) Dash10
4.[F]Jump Dorothy (MAR) Jump12
5.[F]Fall Dorothy (MAR) Fall12
6.[F]Land Dorothy (MAR) Land12
7.[F]Damage Dorothy (MAR) Damage12
8.[F]Knockback Dorothy (MAR) Knockb13
9.[F]Dead Dorothy (MAR) Dead12
10.[F]Get up Dorothy (MAR) Get_up14
11.[F]Hang Dorothy (MAR) Hang12
12.[F]Recover from Hang Dorothy (MAR) Get_up15
13.[F]Crouch Dorothy (MAR) Crouch12
14.[F]Guard Dorothy (MAR) Guard11
15.[F]Taunt Dorothy (MAR) Taunt13
16.[F]Win Dorothy (MAR) Win14
17.[F]Lose Dorothy (MAR) Lose12
18.[F]Entrance Dorothy (MAR) Entran13


21.[]Up Smash
22.[]Side Smash
23.[]Down Smash
24.[]Dash Attack


25.[]Neutral Special - Guardian ARM
Description: Dorothy summons whichever Guardian ARM is assigned.
26.[]Side Special - Broom of Zephiros Vr 2
Description: Fires a projectile of Wind
27.[]Up Special - Broom of Zephiros Vr 1
Description: Allows Dorothy to freely fly around the stage
28.[]Down Special - Dimensional Zipper
Part 1
Dorothy (MAR) Down_s19
Part 2

Description: Dorothy switches Guardian ARM, allowing a different Neutral special guardian to be used.
She pulls it directly out of the ARM "Dimensional Zipper", which is an alternate storage reality.
The cycle for Guardian ARM is:
Ring Armor > Crazy Quilt > Scarecrow > Flying Leo > Stone Golem
after Stone Golem, it cycles back to Ring Armor


29.[]Neutral Aerial
30.[]Up Aerial
31.[]Forward Aerial
32.[]Back Aerial
33.[]Down Aerial


36.[]Up Throw
37.[]Down Throw
38.[]Forward Throw
39.[]Back Throw


42.[]Kirby Attack
43.[F]Stunned Dorothy (MAR) Stun10
44.[]Series Icon
48.[]Revival Platform
49.[]Damage Meter
50.[]Final Smash - Summon Raindog / Toto


51.[]Up Tilt
52.[F]Side Tilt Dorothy (MAR) Side_t12
53.[]Down Tilt


54.[]Main Theme
55.[]Attacks and Sound Effects
56.[]Win Theme

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