Sanji, The Kicking Chef of the Strawhats. (Update! Finished!)

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Sanji, The Kicking Chef of the Strawhats. (Update! Finished!)

Post  ShadowKirby on Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:36 pm

Hey, It's me Shadow Kirby. I probably won't be o here much, I'll just show up every so often to post some of my progress. So more often then not I'll be on the other forums.

It was a year ago that I first started making expansion (Back then I couldn't animate), and Ocon was aimatingthis for me. Though Ocon's old computer is down now and his animations were lost. Anyway, I animated all of this today.... Damn Summer's boring. So without further delay, I present: Sanji, the cook of the Strawhats. He's finished, just need to get some sounds, which I should have up shortly.

Playstyle Description: Sanji has immensly powerful legs and therefore moves very quicly as well as jumps very high. His weight class is probably Mid.

1.[ ]Idle
2.[ ]Walk
3.[ ]Run/Dash
4.[ ]Jump
5.[ ]Double Jump
6.[ ]Fall
7.[ ]Land
8.[ ]Damage
9.[ ]Knockback
10.[ ]Dead
11.[ ]Get up
12.[ ]Hang
13.[ ]Recover from Hang
14.[ ]Roll
15.[ ]Crouch
16.[ ]Guard
17.[ ]Taunt
18.[ ]Win
19.[ ]Lose
20.[ ]Entrance
21.[ ]Item Swinging
22.[ ]Item Throwing


23.[ ]Neutral
24.[ ]Combo
25.[ ]Up Smash
26.[ ]Side Smash
27.[ ]Down Smash
28.[ ]Dash Attack


29.[ ]Up Tilt
30.[ ]Side Tilt
31.[ ]Down Tilt


32.[ ]Standard Special
33.[ ]Side Special
*Note: Frames with the tornado reflect projectiles.
34.[ ]Up Special
35.[ ]Down Special-Kick Flip

*Note: Works Like Zamus' Down Special, except has the attack built in. This can be used as third jump (Like Zamus') but it slams down.


36.[ ]Neutral Aerial
37.[ ]Up Aerial
38.[ ]Forward Aerial
39.[ ]Back Aerial
40.[ ]Down Aerial


41.[ ]Grab
42.[ ]Pummel
43.[ ]Up Throw (Same as Up Smash)
44.[ ]Down Throw (Same as Down Smash)
45.[ ]Forward Throw
46.[ ]Back Throw (Same as Side Smash)


47.[ ]Stock
48.[ ]Series Icon
49.[ ]Selection
50.[ ]Preview
51.[ ]Trophies
-Final Smash
52.[ ]Kirby Attack
53.[ ]Revival Platform
54.[ ]Damage Meter
55.[ ]Final Smash: Diable Jambe+Anti-Manner Kick Course
First Hit-
*Note: If this misses the rest does't connect (the Kick only) the spin will stun the opponenet long enought to hit them with it though.
Full Combo-
*Note: Each hit does about 7-10% damage (About 9 hits including the first one), only the final hit does knockback. The Damage racks up relatively quickly.


56.[ ]Main Theme
57.[ ]Attacks and Sound Effects
58.[ ]Win Theme

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Re: Sanji, The Kicking Chef of the Strawhats. (Update! Finished!)

Post  supertoku64 on Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:57 pm

pretty cool but whats with all of the tornados?


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